Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aged Black Garlic

It’s matte-black and gooey-soft with a chewyishy texture. It’s sweet, mild, caramelly and reminds me of molasses. Black garlic also boasts additional antioxidants when compared to regular garlic. This article will get you going on how to make your very own black garlic by simply fermenting garlic in a warm rice cooker. Black garlic is an unusual delight to eat as a side or incorporate into a meal.

Time: 17 days

  • 15~30 whole garlic bulbs
  1. Make sure the rice cooker can be set to a warm setting.

  2. Place the entire garlic bulb inside a rice cooker and allow the garlic ferment for 10days. Try not to disturb the garlic during the fermentation.

  3. After 10 days, Black garlic is placed on wire racks to cool and dry over the course of one week. Again. Make sure the location should be dry and cool, no direct sunlight.

  4. Enjoy the wonderful and tasty treat of home brew black garlic!
You will smell the garlic a mile away – quite literally.....

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